Pre-school Children

Medication Policy

When dealing with medication of any kind in the nursery, strict guidelines will be followed.

Prescription medication

Staff medication

The first aid box for staff should be kept in a readily accessible position, but out of reach of the children.

First aid boxes should only contain items permitted by the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations Act 1981, such as sterile dressing, bandages, and eye pads. No other medical items, such as paracetamol should be kept in the first aid box.


All medication for children must have the child's name clearly written on the original container and kept in a closed box, which is out of reach of all children and under supervision at all times. If this box is left unguarded at anytime throughout the day, we have a procedure in place to ensure the safety of any child or adult in the nursery, including visitors, parents and siblings able to access the area.

Emergency medication, such as inhalers and epipens, will be within easy reach of staff in case of an immediate need, but will remain out of children's reach and under supervision at all times.

Any antibiotics requiring refrigeration must be kept in an area inaccessible to children.